Frequently Asked Questions

Our Commitment to quality by every person who is the part of team has succeed our aims for the Institute.
Each one is taking their responsibility at personal & professional level.

Ans: The intensity with which changes in fashion are by people everywhere, every society is evidence of its social significance & its impact on human behavior. Apparel contributes major part in our day to day life. It is essential for every fashion executive working at every level of the fashion industry. It is indeed very interesting to see ideas from the past are often reinterpreted for today’s fashion Fashion reflects to the Social, Political, Economic & artistic forces of any given time. The term fashion & style are confused by many people who say i.e. Style when they really mean that is the fashion. There is the word of difference in the meaning of these two terms.
Ans: The individual integration or versions of the same style are called Designs. Within a specific style there can be many variations in trimmings, texture, decoration or other details. In fashion industry, when style of that style may be produced. In the trade, each producer gives a style no. to its each design in the firm line, which is used to identify it in the production, selling & shipping.

Q) Does designing starts with ideas & creativities?

Ans: Design is what we create our creativities all by our

  • Ideas
  • Inspiration
  • Communication

Ans : Following are the responsibilities

  • Presentation
  • Development
  • Communication
  • Updating every Fashion
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing Field

Ans : Respective opurtunities in fashion industry

  • Designers Boutique
  • Designers Labels (Water, Diffusion etc)
  • Branded Labels
  • Manufacturing Firm